19th July 2018

A meeting that took 1.5 years to connect and 1.5 hours to start. Start it did and oh what a ride it was. An actor and orator par excellence Boman Irani took us through memory lane with his collection of pictures and anecdotes. Caught up in his charisma he played us like a master. We laughed when he wanted us to, clapped when success knocked and held the our breath as he said ‘Sam next slide’. Beyond the journey of a life well lived we saw a man witty but humble. He reminded us again and again to sparkle. To focus on the craft not the fame. Do believe in the innocence of a job well done. Thank you Boman for a morning we will remember for a long long time. We hope the imprint of your story resonates with our young women as they write the story of their life ‘I did it My Way’ Boman Sinatra style!

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Ms. Dastoor's Farewell

18th April 2018

Our Alumni committee at Ms. Dastoor’s farewell after completing nearly 38 years at JB The JBPAA gifted a small token of appreciation for her 38 years of sevice towards JB Petit. Ms. Dastoor in her usual gentle manner wrote back... Thank you, Naheed and all the Alumni for your kind gesture of being there yesterday and for your very generous gift. It was appreciated more because it was unexpected. I, on my part, will always remember you all most fondly. Love, Veera Dastoor.

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JBPAA Throwball Event

03rd February 2018

Fun times back at school and on the throwball court!! A few pictures from our recent throwball event at school.

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03rd November 2017

Please write in to us at jbpalumni@gmail.com to support this endeavour.

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EXCELLENCE LECTURE SERIES - SHIKHA THAKORE (Co-founder of Little Giants of India )

08th September 2017

Shikha Thakore came to the J.B. Petit School on the 8th of September, 2017 to speak to the students about her 3 year long journey in Enactus, and what led her to starting Little Giants of India, along with an insight into the Project. This talk was a part of the Excellence Lecture Series that was organised by the J.B. Petit Alumni Association. Shikha was the President of Enactus HRC, which is a subsidiary of Enactus an international non-profit social entrepreneurship organisation and has directed, organised, presented and co-founded many social initiatives such as Project Aasha, Project Saarthi, The Peach Vibe & Project Jalvruddhi. Shikha's newest project is Little Giants of India. Shikha co-founded Little Giants of India which is an initiative to help support the Dwarf community in India. Shikha is an ex-jbite and is currently working as an Executive Analyst at Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance.

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16th December 2016

A few pictures from our nostalgic evening at the J.B. Petit Alumni Homecoming held at the J.B. Petit High School. If any of you have missed it, click here to see the pictures from our Annual JBPAA Alumni Event!

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14th October 2016

Mehera Kolah came to the J.B. Petit High School to speak to the students about her career on the 14th of October, 2016. This talk was a part of the Excellence Lecture Series that was organised by the J.B. Petit Alumni Association. She is a well known make up artist in the world of Fashion, Bollywood and travels all over the world to do Bridal make-up.Mehera is a former student of the J.B. Petit High School. In her time in JB she was the Jasmine House Games Captain and a National Shot-Put Champion. She is very proud to be a Jb-ite and wants to give back to the school however she can. Thus, it was a pleasure for her to come to school and give the students an insight into the world of fashion.

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13th April 2016

The Kripa Foundation came to the J.B. Petit High School to speak to the students and the parents about ‘Understanding Drug Abuse’ on the 13th & 15th of April, 2016. This talk was a part of the Excellence Lecture Series that was organised by the J.B. Petit Alumni Association. The talk conducted by Kripa Foundation, an organization that educates & empowers those afflicted by addiction. The sessions covered the following aspects - understanding addiction and related definitions, stages, facets/ characteristics, some commonly used substances, signs and symptoms, reward pathways, causes, ill effects, etc., followed by first hand testimonials by 2 young patients. It was be followed by an interactive Q&A session

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06th April 2016

Zarina Screwvala, Founder & Managing Trustee, Swades Foundation and Former Founder-Director of UTV, came to the J.B. Petit High School to speak to the students about her career on the 6th of April, 2016. This talk was a part of the Excellence Lecture Series that was organised by the J.B. Petit Alumni Association. Zarina Screwvala is the Founder of the Swades Foundation & works full time as its Managing Trustee. Previously known as SHARE (Society to Heal Aid Restore Educate), Swades Foundation operates with the single-minded focus of empowering rural India through holistic and sustainable growth by creating partnerships between Rural India, Corporates, Young India, the Government and other Foundations to create permanent, irreversible change for good. Zarina Screwvala is also one of the three Founder-Directors of UTV, one of India's foremost media and entertainment conglomerates, which is now Disney UTV. She has lead the creation and launch of highly successful broadcast brands including UTV Bindass, UTV Stars, UTV Action and Hungama TV. Zarina has been featured in Business Today's Most Powerful Women in Indian Business List for the last three years. Zarina, as an Alumna of the J.B. Petit School for Girls from the batch of 1978 , has on several occasions expressed her gratitude to the school as having taught her the fundamental s of how to live a truly fulfilling life.

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07th August 2015

Erica D'Souza, a Professional Radio Jockey, came to the J.B. Petit High School to speak to the students about her career on the 7th of August, 2015. This talk was a part of the Excellence Lecture Series that was organised by the J.B. Petit Alumni Association. . Erica D'Souza studied in Monash University, in Melbourne, Australia. She has a BSc Double Major in Microbiology and Bioethics. She graduated from in the year 1994. She graduated from in the year 1994. Erica D'souza has more than 18 years of proven experience in broadcast media (TV, Print, Radio) with a special focus on Commercial radio broadcast, Radio Production and Programming systems. . She enjoys ready access to the radio fraternity, has good industry associations, liasies and works with media professionals from around the world. She is a partner at Radioactive Music Consultancy Private Limited, a Mumbai-based consultancy, designed to service the broadcasting industry with a focus on music and radio. Currently, she is an evening time prime host on 'Drive Mumbai' on 94.3 Radio One, Mumbai. Aparna reached a career high world ranking of 16 and remained undefeated in India till her retirement from the game in 2006. An Arjuna award recipient, she was one of the 17 participants to be selected worldwide for the Global Sports Mentoring Program 2012, an initiative of Hillary Clinton, organised by U.S. Department of State and ESPN. This program was aimed at empowering women and girls through sport. Currently Aparna is mentoring young sportspersons and is giving back to the game of badminton through coaching clinics, blogs, television appearances and assisting the Govt. of India by acting as an expert for their various sports policies.

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13th November 2014

The JBPAA launched their new website on November 13,2014 at a rocking party held at the Royal Oaks, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai. Attended by many alumnae, the event was in true J.B. fashion, full of fun, laughter, and bonhomie. Amidst many boisterous women, wine, and song the website was launched and appreciation offered to all the contributors who ensured it is the next step in our movement "Ever Forward". The reunion also allowed many alumnae to re-connect with old friends and batch mates and this made it really special. The brilliant DJs got everybody to end up on the dance floor and that added another dimension to the evening. The album showcases how much fun J.B. reunions are and is also an invitation to all future events celebrating the J.B. spirit.

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12th August 2014

The 4th Annual General Meeting of the J.B. Petit Alumni Association was held at Parool Merchant's home. Members were offered thanks for their tremendous effort that resulted in our successful fundraising. The impending launch of the website designed by Togglehead was discussed. Togglehead's main designer is Tanvi Gupta who is an ex J.B.ite. Thanks were expressed to Krish Ramani from Togglehead who has assisted this project. Mr. Rajeev Sathe, owner of Paperplane was also thanked for his invaluable guidance. The launch of the installation of the Playsafe surface for the entire playground of the school was approved. This project will ensure generations of J.B.ites playing in a secure environment. Appreciation for funding provided by the Sanghis for this project was expressed as was our thanks to Mr. Karun Sanghi, proprietor Ecoflex for his generous discount. Additionally, our initiative with the J.B. Petit School to begin an Excellence Lecture Series was approved with the support of Mrs. Beneifer Kuttar, our principal. The date for the reunion event to launch our website was confirmed. Ayesha Surty and Myleeta Aga resigned from the Managing Committee and agreed to become part of the Advisory committee.

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15th November 2013

In keeping with our fund-raising goals, The Alumni Association decided to have an event that all current students and alumni could attend. We chose to have Ability Unlimited perform for us at the Sophia College Auditorium. Ability Unlimited is a national award winning troupe of performers all of whom have disabilities. Many are physically challenged, while others have hearing impairments. In spite of this, they are able to put up and outstanding show that involves dance, gymnastics, and acting. The Alumni Association is very proud to announce that the show was a terrific success and our audience was very moved and surprised by the level of performance put on by the troupe. Our deepest thanks to our main sponsors The Forbes Foundation and Mrs Pooja Shetty Deora who made it possible for us to host the event. In addition, many friends offered ads and other facilities for our brochure for which we are very grateful.

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02nd August 2013

The AGM this year was a smaller event than before as we realized our members wanted to meet at events without the clutter of speeches, and other formal procedures required. Parool Merchant kindly offered her home for the same. We resolved to make fund raising a priority so that we could fund projects like our website and other developmental schemes at the school. Many members attended including our generous patron Mrs. Sophie Ahmed who has unstintingly provided funding for various projects since the inception of the JBPAA. The Ability Unlimited fundraising project that was to be held in November was extensively discussed. Thanks were expressed to Mrs. Rati Forbes, Mrs Pooja Shetty Deora and Mrs. Zia Mody for their generous contributions. In addition, Parool's substantial fund raising effort was commended. Heartfelt gratitude was expressed to Radhika Jain for her outstanding creativity and Ayesha Surty for all our media forays. Mrs. Jeroo Buhariwala became a member of the Managing Committee.

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14th February 2013

One Billion Rising was a fantastic event held at the J.B. Petit High School. Organized by Mahabanoo and Kaizad Kotwal and the Alumni Association, the event required women from all over the world to dance as a testimony to their rights and empowerment. Currently, in many countries, dancing by women is still regarded as a form of rebellion. The purpose of women dancing all over the world, on this particular day, was to allow them to express themselves and promote their unity, no matter where they came from. Mrs. Kuttar, called in the tenth standard, and only one teacher, and asked them to come up with their own program of dance and song, without letting other students and staff know. Early morning, on Valentine's Day, we all gathered in the quadrangle, with media, photographers, members of the Alumni Association, Mahabanoo and Kaizad, and the entire student body watching them from every part of the school. The result was electrifying. The students from the tenth standard did an amazing job of choreography, choice of songs, and presentation. The energy in the quad was stupendous and excerpts from this event were broadcast on NDTV and other channels. This event really epitomized the J. B. spirit of empowerment and expression.

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02nd November 2012

The Second Annual General meeting of the J.B. Petit Alumni Association took place at the Bombay Gymkhana. Ayesha Soonawalla, chairperson of the J.B.P.A.A., thanked Rati Forbes for her support and assistance in creating a database that included all past students of the school to date. It was an extensive project, completely funded by Mrs Forbes and has been essential to expanding the Alumni organization. At this meeting Ayesha announced her resignation as chairperson. Many thanks were offered to her for her dynamic and focused leadership. Myleeta Aga, founding member and our extremely savvy treasurer also tendered her resignation. Tushna Kapadia (nee Divecha), a founding member of the JBPAA, took over as the new chairperson. Parool Merchant (nee Punater), former treasurer of the Cathedral PTA, agreed to share her expertise and become treasurer of the JBPAA. Yasmin Divecha (nee Kharas), a dedicated founding member, became the new secretary. Radhika Jain(nee Somani) and Ayesha Surty joined as members of the Managing Committee.

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29th September 2011

The J.B. Alumni Association, as one of its first projects, requested renowned architect Abha Lamba Narain to given a comprehensive plan to renovate the J.B. Petit School. She presented a fantastic book outlining the entire scope of her vision for J.B. The AGM meeting, held at the Bombay Gymkhana, was well received and there was much excitement among the ranks. The book was handed over to Mrs. Beneifer Kuttar to be given to the trustees.

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01st November 2010

Since our Association had just started, we had a little funfair at J.B. with memorabilia like T-shirts, magnets etc. for both current and ex-students.

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01st September 2010

Our first event was a big get together of current Alumnus at the Joss. Party room at Kala ghoda. It was a big success with J.B. ites attending in droves and signing up to become members of the Association

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