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The J. B. Alumni Association was started in 2010 with a handful of dedicated founder members under the leadership of Ayesha Soonawalla (Parakh). These included Tushna Kapadia (Divecha), Yasmin Divecha (Kharas), Devika Khanna, Myleeta Williams (Aga) Sherry Kalyaniwalla and Lina Parikh. Though small, the committee was extremely dedicated to starting the J.B. Petit Alumni Association, and managed to achieve this goal very quickly.

The Alumni Association was lanched in 2010 at an inaugural event that was huge success with lots of J.B ites coming together and meeting. It also resulted in many students becoming members of the Association that gave real impetus to moving to the next step.

The next step involved the Association hiring famous heritage architect Mrs. Abha Lamba Narain to develop a comprehensive plan to renovate the J.B.Petit High School. The intricate plans were presented by Mrs. Lamba Narain in the form of a book with graphics, images, texts, and drawings outlining the entire renovation of the school at the first AGM in 2011. The book and plan was handed over to the Principal and Board of Trustees.

Following this, in 2012, The Alumni Association undertook a project to create a database of all past students so that it could reach out to all of them. Due to the generosity of Mrs. Rati Forbes ((alumni advisor and mentor), a database was created with all past J. B. Alumnus on it. It was a Herculean task and we are really thankful today that our members can access this database across the world to connect with each other.

The Association continued with other projects including the renovation of the school canteen, and raising funds for future projects. In 2012, Tushna Kapadia (Divecha), a founder member, took over as Chairperson.

With the support of an enthusiastic and hard working committee, in 2013, the J. B. Alumni Association executed the 1 Billion Rising event and hosted a show Ability Unlimited that allowed it to raise funds. The funds are currently being used to pay for the new website, to execute important infra projects at J.B., and create an on going Excellence Lecture Series. The current committee of 2014 continues to work hard to ensure the Association can continue achieving its goals.

All of this would not have been possible if not for the support of our dynamic principal Mrs. Benaifer Kuttar and members of the Board of Trustees headed by Mrs. Zia Modi. In addition, generous patrons like Mrs. Rati Forbes, Mrs. Sophie Ahmed and others have provided funds guided us, and allowed us to come this far. Our hope now is that the J.B. Petit Alumni Association will move from strength to strength, creating a network across the world, whose wisdom, and expertise will eventually help all J.B ites, past and present, move EVER FORWARD!!!! 



I write with the deepest sense of elation and pride, as a JB student, parent, teacher, primary school administrator, vice principal and currently, in my very new role as Principal. The greatest resource a successful school has is its people and I am so proud to be part of a school supported by such terrific alumni, parents and friends We all have a powerful affection for our school and a deep appreciation for all it has done for us and our children.

JB has a unique identity in terms of its history, mission, programmes and core values. Our students are equipped with a sense of social consciousness and self confidence that prepares them for today's complex world. People often tell me that JB students have 'soul' and I couldn't agree more.

It is the collective whole that makes JB what it is. Let us reconnect with old friends and fond memories as we celebrate the vibrant, indomitable spirit of JB.

Congratulations on the launch of the alumni association. may we carry it Ever Forward!

Naheed Divecha



Super efficient taskmaster who guarantees the committee can move ever forward..

JB BATCH OF: 1988.

Was Rose House Vice-Captain 1986-87 and Rose House Games Captain 1987-88. Joined the J.B. Petit Alumni Association in 2014. A company secretary by Profession. Have 2 daughters studying in J.B. Petit. Served as Chairperson of the J.B. PTA from 2012-2014

Naheed Divecha



Financial wiz, advisor, and support service provider.

Batch of 1982. Was Lotus house Games Captain and was also awarded the trophy for General Proficiency in my last year at school.

After pursuing a successful career in banking spanning 22 years - Head of Liabilities in Credit Agricole Indosuez and Director - Transaction Banking at Standard Chartered Bank, I joined the family business of moving and packing in 2012. I currently look after the sales and marketing at Buhariwalas International Relocations

Naheed Divecha



The secretary who is constantly following up and doing all back end communication that is essential for the committee.

J.B. batch of : 1982
Was Rose House games captain.
On the alumni committee from its inception. Served on the J.B. Petit PTA from 2011-2013.Currently married with 3 children - one daughter who passed out from J.B. Petit in 2013. Jeweller by profession.

Naheed Divecha



Parool (Punater) Merchant (Class of '81) is a clinical analyst, and currently a homemaker. She was an active member at the athletics department during her time at JB Petit School. Parool utilized the opportunity to maintain old connections and make new ones with the school and its alumni, by engaging in the school's alumni association. She joined in 2012 and has been an active member since, as treasurer of the association.

Naheed Divecha



In house graphic artist and creator of all graphic output who brings color into all our lives.

A Graphic designer by profession, I graduated from Sydenham College, Mumbai and am a partner at I to Ink Graphics Pvt Ltd which has become my creative space. Every student from J.B. Petit has a life's journey to call her own...mine is adventure, travel, scuba diving and running. The JB motto ever forward is what we all believe in and I follow my passions with .... A Rose house girl I have held the most outstanding sports woman, all rounder and the sports championship every year. I joined the Alumni Association with a thought in my heart "to give back to JB", for it has molded me into the person I am.

Naheed Divecha



Tushna Kapadia (nee Divecha) was the Chairperson and is a founder member of the J.B. Petit Alumni Association. Was Lotus House Captain batch of "86". .

A psychotherapist by profession, I graduated from Allegheny College in Pennsylvania and went on to do my Masters in Counseling Psychology from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. I returned to India in 1995, and have practiced as a therapist, life coach, and brand consultant for the last 20 years. I am married with two sons and live in Mumbai. Heading the J.B. Alumni is hard work but deeply satisfying as every year the Association becomes increasingly dynamic and productive.

Naheed Divecha



Parent counsellor and social worker

Batch of 1998 
Megha was an active member of the school debate team and represented the school in various meets. Megha worked in marketing and design for over 10 years. A recent crossover into counselling and social work fuelled her enthusiasm to work in the JB community. 
'The school has made me who I am. Anything I can do to give back will never repay the debt I owe jb'.

Naheed Divecha



JB Batch of 1987

Ferzin actively participated in Sports during my school days at JB. I was Rose House vice Games Captain and Games Captain from 1985-1987. I lived in Paris for 10 years and worked with PricewaterhouseCoopers in the Human Resources department. I returned to India in 2003 with my family. I'm a mother of 2 teenage daughters both from JB!





Founder member, former treasurer and honorary guide Myleeta Aga has been an integral part of the JBPAA. She currently Heads BBC, Countrywide and yet continues to advise and help the Association Ever Forward




Savvy on line advisor for the JBPAA, Ayesha Surty currently works as part of a team leading digital products at Star India. Batch of 1991, Ayesha was Rose House captain and actively involved in sports and drama. Her 4 ½ year old daughter Leia is currently at J.B. Petit occupying the same classroom as Ayesha did when she was in LKG!





J.B. batch of : 1984
1983-84 - Head Girl, 1982-83 - Vice House Captain - Jasmine House

A staunch and enthusiastic JB-ite, Ayesha, along with a small group of other Alumni, started the J B Alumni Association in 2010. She was the first Chairperson of the J B Petit Alumni Association, and, along with her team and other Alumni, worked on projects to improve and enhance the school. Ayesha was in Lower KG when Ms. Darasha took over as Principal of JB, and was in the first batch to go through school with her. She was greatly influenced and encouraged by Ms. Darasha and thinks of her as her first Mentor.

The mother of two boys, Ayesha does not have children studying at JB, but her heart belongs there!