We are delighted to finally present a comprehensive website that will allow all our alumni across the world to reconnect with each other. We live in exciting times with technology allowing unprecedented connectivity and access. Our website covers past, present, and future events. It allows viewers to be updated on current projects, school news, and have access to a database that includes all ex J. B its till the present. In addition, by posting upcoming events held by the Alumni Association, we hope to reconnect our members frequently and in real time. Our hope is that eventually, members from all over will use their expertise, wisdom, and skills to grow this organization so that together with our Alma Mater we can move EVER FORWARD! 

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Naheed Divecha


19th July 2018

09:30 AM

A meeting that took 1.5 years to connect and 1.5 hours to start. Start it did and oh what a ride it was. An actor and orator par excellence Boman Irani took us through memory lane with his collection of pictures and anecdotes. Caught up in his charisma he played us like a master. We laughed when he wanted us to, clapped when success knocked and held the our breath as he said ‘Sam next slide’. Beyond the journey of a life well lived we saw a man witty but humble. He reminded us again and again to sparkle. To focus on the craft not the fame. Do believe in the innocence of a job well done. Thank you Boman for a morning we will remember for a long long time. We hope the imprint of your story resonates with our young women as they write the story of their life ‘I did it My Way’ Boman Sinatra style!
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